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The Electric Vehicle Revolution

It is estimated that within the next 2 years there will be more than one million Electric Vehicles (EVs) on UK roads, requiring over 100,000 charge points to keep them running. Currently there are just 16,500.

In many parts of the country, the existing grid structure will not be able to supply the increased demand for electricity created by these vehicles. Local solar power generation and on-site battery storage offers the solution.

Solar Car Parks

3Ti integrates three technologies: Solar (PV), Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging & Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS).

Solar Car ports turn car parks into “green” power stations. Electricity generated can be used to charge EVs via integral charge points, whilst excess electricity can be stored in a Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) or used on site to replace existing power supplies and reduce energy costs immediately and for the long term.

Key Benefits

  • Highly visible carbon reduction initiative.
  • Reduce your existing electricity bills by using self-generated electricity.
  • Provide certainty of future energy costs and security of supply.
  • Generate significant additional income – from EV charge points.
  • Increase asset value
  • Improved security & safety – integral LED lighting and CCTV.
  • Future proof property. Infrastructure is in place to add additional EV charge points as demand increases.
  • Greatly enhanced user experience – vehicle & occupants protected from the elements.

Designed to Maximise Efficiency

No two car parks are alike. Our in-house team of specialist engineers design bespoke structures and Solar PV systems to maximise efficiency according to site specific requirements.

Structures. Double dip galvanised or powder coated steel structures are mounted on innovative “punch piles” which sit within standard bay markings to ensure no loss of parking space.

Solar Panels are sourced from Bloomberg “Tier 1” manufacturers and come with 25 – 30 year warranties.

Inverters are selected from leading manufacturers to optimise safety and performance.

Integral EV Charge-Points are installed as required and can be managed by 3Ti.

Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) will be matched according to output to provide maximum returns.

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